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Posted on June 18, 2019

Let’s Try This Again…

One year later, a new blog post. I figure I should do more than just pay AWS and Google Domains a few bucks a month just to sit on a few unused URLs. I’ll use the excuse of crazy hardware deadlines and a new job to explain away my laziness, but my main problem has just been a unfocused resolve on the topics to cover.

Unfortunately, that issue isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Rather than waiting for inspiration to strike, first and foremost I should just get into a regular cadence on writing about something.

Still, I have been doing backend stuff in lieu of writing posts. The Django blogapp project thats running my blog is pretty complete now (though very trivial). I’ve also been maintaining my parents’ and, though like this blog they have gotten stale. I’ve also been pondering switching over to Google Cloud as opposed to AWS, because… yeah… I work for Google now…

Topics to Explore

As a start, I guess I’ll try to write at least once a month. Future stuff to talk about…

  • What my Django blogapp does - its not just static web pages!
  • Markdown - its pretty great!
  • When I get to it, the trials and tribulations of transferring to GCP.

Also, I should get over myself and just promote this blog a little more. I’m not trying to reveal anything profound or frankly useful. Rather, it’s just a forcing function to write more.