Django1 -> Django2

Just a simple back-end update.

Posted on July 04, 2019

Update Complete!

One unfortunate decision I made when first creating my website was deciding to rely on Python2, and as a result Django version 1.10. At the time, I was just more familiar with the older syntax and idiosyncracies, and was also supporting projects at work built under 2.7.

This has introduced some annoyances in terms of maintainability. For example, in my quest to migrate from AWS to GCP (and hopefully save a few bucks a month), the simplest setup for Django on GCP is only available for Python3/Django2…


So, I’ve taken the last few weeks to rebuild the website using Python3, and viola! It… looks and acts completely the same…

Granted, this is a dead simple blog application, so there wasn’t too much of an issue migrating the website. There were some API changes and gotchas on how the different versions behave - if you’re interested in seeing the deltas, I’m keeping both versions of the Django projects in this repository.

Things to Do/Write About Next

  • Visual Studio Code, and a Django/Python IDE Setup!
  • Markdown
  • What my blog application does under the hood
  • AWS -> GCP migration